Coders Garage is a trusted and an all-in-one IT partner specializing in custom and enterprise software & mobile app development services that can help you transform, win, serve, think and act differently with the latest innovations.

Our Expertise

Software Development

Software development services give you everything you need to maximize productivity and stay ahead. Get more done with the best experience delivered by our services.

Mobile App Development

Mobile apps represent the power and life of any business. Our iOS app development and Android app development services focus on working the way your business works.

Blockchain Development

Blockchain-driven digital experience is prominent. More businesses are embracing this technology. We demonstrates a stronghold in the Blockchain services, specially on ethereum platform.

DevOps as a Service

DevOps yield much greater benefits. Leverage our DevOps as a Service to understand risks, predict future system bottlenecks and plan the cloud infrastructure efficiently.

Erlang/Elixir Solutions

Our experience knows no bounds; from small proof-of-concept prototypes to turnkey systems and mobile and web development. As the go-to Erlang/OTP experts, we work closely with each client, making sure our work is perfectly tailored to their needs.

Consultancy Service

We want to add value to our client’s businesses. We like get involved with the entire lifecycle of a project so clients can benefit from our broad specialist knowledge.

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